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Active Health Care in Public Kindergarten and Public School Buildings in Cologne, Germany

Gerhard A. Wiesmüller
Institute of Occupational Medicine and Social Medicine, RWTH Aachen University, Germany, Germany
Public Health

Plant Derived Bioactive Molecules: A Natural Remedy For Malaria and Cancer based on Electrospun Nanofibers containing Artemisinin

Cosimo Carfagna
Professor of Chemistry at the University of Naples, Italy
Primary healthcare

From Evidence-based medicine to precision medicine

Jacques S Beckmann
Director of the Medical Genetics Department , Swizerland

Importance of accreditation in health care

Nadia Al-Kandary
Chairman of Forensic Pathology Lab, Kuwait

How valid are IMS DA summary statistics of children’s vaccination status?

Aisha El-Turki
Research fellow in Division of Public Health and Primary Care BSMS , United Kingdom
Pediatric Healthcare

Severe Obesity, Emotions and Eating Habits

M. Koski
Psychiatrist, University of Helsinki, Finland
Obesity and Nutrition

An RFID Based Telehealth System for Localizing Elderly with Alzheimer’s

Mohammed Wasim Raad
Lecturer and Researcher in the field of Digital Signal Processing & RFID, Saudi Arabia
Healthcare information technology

Personal TQM framework to Healthcare

Kazuhiro Esaki
Asosiate Professor, HOSEI University , Japan
Healthcare Management

Paying attention to consumers’ thought processes and silent signals in relation to healthier food choices - impulses for health promotion at supermarkets and for food industry

Anna-Maria Saarela
Food Safety Officer and Senior Research Lecturer at Savonia University of Applied Sciences , Finland

Glasgow Coma Scale motor component (“Patient does not follow commands”) performs similarly to total Glasgow Coma Scale in predicting severe injury in trauma patients

Eric Melnychuk
Critical Care Fellowship at Geisinger Medical Center, United States

Screening for Chronic Diseases using Affordable Sensing

Arpan Pal
Principal Scientist, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), India
Medical Informatics

Initial management of Pediatric Trauma

John Cook-Jong LEE
Professor, Ajou University School of Medicine, South Korea
Pediatric Healthcare

Understanding towards Healthcare Competencies – “Redefining the Defined”

Renu Mishra
Assistant Professor, Jamia Hamdard University, India
Healthcare Management

A survey of doctors’ awareness of simultaneous vaccination

Kyun Woo Lee
Chief of the pediatric department, Daedong hospital pediatrics department, South Korea
Epidemiology and public health

The integrated model of care

April Dobroth
Southwest Regional Clinical Faculty, Frontier Nursing University, Kentucky, USA
Primary healthcare

Enginering High-Quality Software as a Medical Device

Antonio Coronato
Researcher at the Institute for High Performance Computing and Networking at the National Research Council of Italy, Italy
Healthcare Informatics and Research

Predicted Unfavorable Neurologic Outcome Is Overestimated by the Marshall Computed Tomography Score, Corticosteroid Randomization After Significant Head Injury (CRASH), and International Mission for Prognosis and Analysis of Clinical Trials in Traumatic

Jose Daniel Charry Cuellar
Research Director, Fundación Universitaria Navarra – UNINAVARRA, Colombia
Post Traumatic Mental Health

Education in trauma: An educational alternative that promotes injury prevention

William Javier Salazar Medina
Law Research Director, Fundación Universitaria Navarra – UNINAVARRA, Colombia

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery: Best Practice Guideline for Care of Patients with a Fecal Diversion

Debra Johnston
Clinical Nurse Specialist, Enterostomal Therapy Nurse, Canada
Nursing Education

Classifications of Cultural Competence among Clinical Nurses in Japan using Latent Profile Analysis

Ariko Noji
Professor, Chiba University, Japan
Nursing Education

Multimodal Treatment for ADHD Children and Adolescents A Norwegian Long-term Randomized Controlled Study

Nezla S. Duric
Child and Adolesent Psychiatrist, Helse Fonna Hospital Haugesund, Norway
Pediatric Healthcare

The effect of training on noise reduction in neonatal intensive care units

Research Assistant, Istanbul University Florence Nightingale Nursing Faculty, Istanbul, Turkey
Nursing Education

Leadership and Effective Change from system thinking perspective

Musfer Al-Shalawi
Director of Administrative Affairs, Yanbu National Hospital, Saudi Arabia
Healthcare Management

Assessment of Care Needs and Care Support of the Elderly in Rural Communities, Delta State, Nigeria.

Mukoro, ufuomaoghene Jemima
Lecturer, Delta State University, Nigeria
Public Health

Neurodevelopmental outcome of high risk newborns discharged from special care baby units in a rural district in India

Nandita Chattopadyay
Professor of Paediatrics, IQ City Medical College, India
Public Health

Malaria Plasmodium Species: Human Infection And The Mechanisms of Transmission.

Atef Ali Kloub
Health Education & Training Team Leader, The National Center For Malaria Control & Vectors, Dubai
Epidemiology and public health

Physicians knowledge about hand hygiene at King Fahad Hospital of University, Dammam, KSA

Naheel Alamer
Assistant Professor, Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, Saudi Arabia
Primary healthcare

Gunshot wounds to the buttock and contralateral thigh presenting with intestinal injury without history of abdominal trauma. A case report and review of the literature

Makgabo John Tladi
Junior Consultant, Sefako Makgatho Health Science University and Dr George Mukhari Academic Hospital, South Africa
Healthcare Management

Use of Whonet-Satscan System for Simulated Real-Time Detection of Antimicrobial Resistance Clusters in a Hospital in Italy, 2012 to 2014

Alessandra Natale
Molecular Biologist , United Kingdom
Healthcare Management

How Health Electronic Records can be designed to ensure patient Safety?

Manal Ali Ghandour
Senior Executive - Health Informatics & Analytics, Dubai Healthcare City Authority-Regulations, Dubai
Healthcare information technology

Consideration on the Accuracy of Watch for Physical activity tracker

Irene Tagliente
Faculty of Engineering, Univerity of Cassino and Southern Lazion , Italy
Healthcare information technology

South East European Network for Food Safety and Quality Control

Zvonimir Sostar
Director, Andrija Stampar Teaching Institute of Public Health, Zagreb, Croatia
Public Health

Negative social relationships among students in the health area

Maria Concepcion Trevino Tijerina
Faculty of Dentistry, Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Healthcare Management

Patient Safety Movement in México. Update/Next steps.

Javier Dávila Torres
Regional Network Chair of Patient Safety Movement in México , Mexico
Patient Safety

Incidence, management and outcome of MERS CoV outbreak in A hospital, EP, KSA

Nadira A Albaghli
Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia
Healthcare Management

Angiographic and epidemiological differences between men and women who develop acute coronary syndrome

Pedro Felipe Parra Velasco
Director of cardiovascular risk program at Protegemos, Colombia
Epidemiology and public health

Safely Reducing Primary Cesarean Births: Standardization of Labor Dystocia Management

Sheri K. Watkins
Chief Clinical Officer, Corniche Hospital, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Women's Health Issues and Care

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